„Consulting driven by Research“

Our Clients strongly believe that we distinguish ourselves by sound marketing consultancy based on empirical research.

Consulting stands for

Provinding our Clients with robust findings, inspiring ideas and new inputs in order to find sustainable solutions together with them.

Research stands for

Finding out what occurs to customers´minds and hearths. To achieve this goal we apply the newest findings of psychology and neuroscience in our model „ME&I“.

The ME & I-Model

Decisions are conflict resolutions:

Conflicts define our lives:

Our ME is greedy:
amazing taste, delicious! Irresistible!
Our I ensures moderation and control:
You can´t always eat so much chocolate, it´s unhealthy and makes you fat!
Our ME wants to avoid unpleasant issues:
I don´t want to spend money and don´t need any service. What the hall shall happen?
Our I is conscientious:
if something happens, it´s then a big problem. Take care of your family – avoid these risks!
Our ME is as curious as a child:
a new message! I can´t miss it. Let me read it quickly, nobody cares.
Our I wwarns of consequences:
it´s not that important, leave it – if the police catches you, it´s definitely expensive!

Consultancy areas

successful companies resolve their clients´conflicts.
We support you in offering potential clients the best offer at the right time!

Target Groups & Markets:

Who is actually my target group and what triggers it? Where does my market starts and ends? Is it big enough, or it´s just a niche?

Target Groups & Markets:

We find out how target groups solve their ME & I conflicts, what they do and what they use

We analyze the market based on relevant data and detect what conflicts are not yet solved

We look for those cultural and social changes which lead to emerging ME & I conflicts, in order to facilitate development

Innovation & Product:

How can I increase my business? What opportunities shall I grasp now, in order to lead innovation tomorrow? And what are the actual needs of my current and future clients?

Innovation & Product:

We detect ME & I conflicts – and how your products can solve them

We check how your products can successfully solve ME & I conflicts better than competitors

We improve your product portfolio so that consumers consider them the best solution for their issue

Communication & Brand:

Does my message consistently reach clients? Does it meet their needs? Does my brand match hearths and minds?

Communication & Brand:

Thanks to our story-telling approach consumers will easily understand what benefits your products and brands offer

We investigate what ME & I pattern explain your story at best, if consumers identify themselves with it and how to improve it

We analyze what emotional and functional benefits your brand provides to consumers´ ME & I, and what touch points are more effective in emphasizing these benefits


In-depth psychology meets statistics, qualitative research meets quantitative methods.

Qualitative Methods

Qualitative Methods

 Category Insights, market and brand insights
 Co-Creation, Concept Lab & Concept Screening
 Innovation workshops
 Brand perception and brand positioning
 Communication analysis and pitching

Using these methods:

 Focus groups & client workshops
 In-depth interviews
 Story-telling with Playmobil characters
 Eye-tracking & virtual reality
 Social Media

… and more. Get in touch with us!

Quantitative Methods

Quantitative Methods

 Market segmentation & Brand Architecture
 Driver analysis
 Concept-test, product-test, retail-test
 Potential measurement
 Advertising pre- and post-test
 Communication & brand tracking

Using these methods:

 Face-to-face, CATI, online interviews
 Chip games
 Multivariate analysis
 Eye- & Mouse Tracker

… and more. Get in touch with us!


some of our successful clients

Contact persons

we support you together with our team of versatile, competent and committed colleagues.

Melanie Sommer
Chief Executive Officer
+49 (211) 67 04 – 306
Thematic focus
Psychologic analysis of consumer behavior
Qualitative research methods
Markus Schildgen
Research Director
+49 (211) 67 04 – 203
Thematic focus
Verification of consumer insights
Quantitative research methods
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